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Long Overdue Newsletter - January 2022


Quote of the Month

"Be yourself.

No one can say you're doing it wrong."

- Charles Schulz


New Book!

Dad, Our Candy Man

Note: Before diving into the "origin story," this link is where you can pre-order Harry Trumfio (author) and Dena Ackerman's (illustrator) new book, as well as the button below. We are targeting February 28th as the official release date.

On the order form, you'll notice softcover and hardcover options. The hardcover version is fairly expensive ($25) compared to other children's books. The reason for this is a popular, established title like Goodnight Moon or Chicka Chicka Boom Boom prints thousands and thousands of copies all at once, so the costs per book are pretty low. This allows the publisher to lower the sale price. Since Dad, Our Candy Man is a "small batch," first edition, the price to print is higher. We hope to bring this price down over time!

From Rough Draft & No Illustrations to Finished Children's Book