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Meet our Expert Panel of Editors

Adina Edelman 

Adina is an editor based in Baltimore, MD. She runs her own business for authors and small publishing companies, digging deep to unearth the full gold of their books. Adina has edited for Gatekeeper Press, Mosaica Press, Israel Bookshop, and more. She's also an author.

Jeanette Smith

Jeanette is an editor, an author, and a comma maestro. She has also worked as a scuba diving instructor, worked for a cemetery, and served wine at a tapas bar. Jeanette has edited several books and created a super helpful self-editing assessment to help authors out. 

Emily Price Soli

Emily is a poetry and nonfiction editor serving creatives, entrepreneurs, and memoirists. She has helped 40+ writers publish their books with confidence and intention. When she's not working, catch her writing poetry, chilling with her family, or reading anything and everything.

And your host, Chris O'Brien. Chris is an author and the founder of Long Overdue. Will ya look at that, we're out of space. Sorry, Chris!

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Topics We'll Cover

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