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Long Overdue Newsletter: October 2020

Easter egg - Can you spot the subtle pun hidden in our illustration? Look very very closely then scroll down to the bottom to check your answer.


Advice for Authors from Authors

“Ideas are like rabbits. You get a couple and learn how to handle them,

and pretty soon you have a dozen.”

- John Steinbeck


New Artists and Designers - Welcome to the

Long Overdue Books Community!

We created a new section on the Long Overdue Books website called "Building Your Book." The idea was to add talented readers, editors, artists, and book/cover designers who authors could then connect with for help on their books-in-progress.

We're excited to see this group continue to grow and include artists from all around the world. Today's featured artists span from British Columbia to Chicago to London.

Toni also contributed a helpful, down-to-earth blog post titled, "Should I use Microsoft Word to format my book?" Highly recommend this post for any authors rounding the corner going from final draft to the publishing stage. You can visit Toni's site Sanserofin right here.