Family Stories Recorded for Future Generations

Could be your stories. Could be a gift for your parent or grandparent. 

Either way, the goal is to record those dinner table stories. The ones about childhood. Growing up. The good times. The hard times. The stories that shaped your life, recorded in your (or your family member's) distinct voice.

Family Stories Box

How it works

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Family Photo Album

Send us 5-10 Photos

They say a picture is worth a 1,000 words. We're hoping for at least 2,000.


How it works - Send over a JPEG or other applicable files and we'll print the photos out.

Then we'll add these to the box

We'll Provide

Story Prompts

We'll write up a few story prompts based off the photos you sent. We'll also include a standard list of story prompts that help bring up memories and encourage more stories.


If you have questions you'd like to ask your parent or grandparent, feel free to send those as well and we'll add to the box. 

Researching and Writing

Schedule a

Phone Interview

Some people are able to see a list of story prompts, head to the laptop, and get right to writing. For others, writing brings back stressful memories of red pen marks, letter grades, and five-paragraph essays. 

In the second case, the hardest part is just getting started. So why not tell the stories naturally over a phone call? We can record the audio, transcribe the text, help you get your project under way.

What Happens

After That

Many different paths you can take. You could continue recording stories as a family project. Or schedule more interviews with Long Overdue.

In terms of final products, we can help turn your stories into a book. Or turn the audio into a vinyl record. Or edit the audio into chapters so it's like having a podcast of your family's stories. If you have other ideas, we'd love to hear those too and if we can't make it happen, we'll point you to someone who can hopefully provide the service.

But it all begins with that first story. Then the adventure begins.

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So What is Long Overdue?

Long Overdue empowers people to create meaningful stories. 


Our belief: Everyone who wants to write a book should be able to do it. We seek to remove barriers and create a welcoming community that helps people go from big idea to finished book.

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