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Long Overdue Newsletter - July 2022

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

"You heading back into the office or

keep doing the work from home thing?"


Quote of the Month

Background - This is Bill Hader describing how he overcame anxiety when he was a cast member on Saturday Night Live.

"I went to a therapist and the therapist was like,'What is the big fear?' and I said, 'If I mess this up, at all, the whole studio is going to fall down on me.' It was just this fear that I have to land this thing perfectly. She was like, 'What if you try just changing a couple words around and then that will take you out of your head.' So I did that. If the script said, 'Hello, ladies and gentlemen, I'd come out and go, 'Hi, guys and girls.' Then that would make me go, 'Oh, I screwed up. I didn't say what was on the cards. And I'm still here. Everything's fine."

- Bill Hader

Takeaway for writers - Two thoughts. First, if you're experiencing writer's block or having trouble starting your first draft, this advice will sound counterproductive but go out there and write a terrible sentence! Or leave a glaring typo rite their in the middel. Squiggly lines and all. The perfection mindset comes later in the editing stage. Don't let perfection keep you from getting started.

Second, if reading your work in public is nerve wracking (totally understandable!), try mixing up a few words or adding something spur of the moment like Bill Hader did. Eases the pressure.


Update on Vicki and Kristie's 2nd Children's Board Book

Year and a half ago, Vicki Toups Sheaffer and Kristie Kaiser Frudden published their very first children's board book (Oh Mother How Funny). Excited to announce their new book (Oh Baby It's a Clear Lake) is available for Pre-Order. Here's where the inspiration came from and latest updates.


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