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Safe Landing - Goodreads, Radio Shows, Bookstores, and More

Couple exciting updates to share about our recently published book, Safe Landing.

Safe Landing is now on a book review site called Goodreads. Reviews on this site help the book reach a larger audience. I already see a few reviews posted, thank you! Also appreciate the email/text reviews people have sent in to the authors. No pressure, but if you have a few minutes, we would love to see new reviews shared on Goodreads. Here's where to access and if you run into any issues, let us know ( Second, the two radio show appearances. Our triumphant author trio joined The John Howell Show (WLS 890) and spoke with Lou Bruno (WRLR 98.3). John Howell show appearance is about 9 minutes. Lou Bruno in the 30-40 minute range. Check 'em out!

Third, we are now in the bookstore database. Meaning - Any brick & mortar bookstore you go into, if you ask for a copy of Safe Landing, they'll be able to easily order one. This includes small independent bookstores as well as Barnes and Noble. Shoutout to Unabridged Bookstore in Chicago and Read Between the Lynes in Woodstock who were the first to order copies for their stores. Safe Landing is also now on Amazon.

Which brings up the question, if someone wants to order a copy, should you point them to Long Overdue Books' website, a brick and mortar bookstore, or Amazon?

Our 2 cents - Best is Long Overdue Books (talk about a biased view!) But here's why - the authors receive the highest percentage in terms of royalties, and the page quality is a tad better with the copies we printed through Diggypod. Second best choice is your local brick and mortar store. And a distant 3rd place, at least for me, is Amazon. Faster shipping, true, but Jeff Bezos already has a trillion dollars. Let's go small and local! Oh! One last thing. If you'd like to make Safe Landing the next featured book in your book club, we're offering 10% off any bundle orders. Was talking with the authors too and they said they'd love to join any book club who does this for a session -- easiest probably on Zoom but maybe in-person depending on locations. Let me know if you're interested. Would love to see this happen!

Thank you for your continued support of this book. Keep spreading the word. Tell a friend to tell a friend. Post on social media. All that good stuff. We hope to connect this book with many more readers around the Chicago area and continue to share Melody, Kim, and Jim's story with the rest of the country -- whether those people are connected to Flight 191 or they're hearing about Flight 191 for the very first time.

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