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Long Overdue Newsletter - January 2023

Updated: 2 days ago


Quote of the Month

"I asked questions of everyone, every day. I read, cooked, tasted, and also wrote about food, all in an effort to deepen my understanding. I visited farms and farmers' markets and learned my way around their wares.

Gradually the chefs gave me more responsibility, from frying tiny, gleaming anchovies for the first course to folding perfect little ravioli for the second to butchering beef for the third. These thrills sustained me as I made innumerable mistakes -- some small, such as being sent to retrieve cilantro and returning with parsley because I couldn't tell the difference, and some large like the time I burned the rich beef sauce for a dinner we hosted for the First Lady...

I picked up a legal pad and started writing. That was seventeen years ago. At twenty years old, I'd been cooking for only a year. I quickly realized I still had a lot to learn about both food and writing before I could begin to instruct anyone else."

- Samin Nosrat, Chef and Author of Salt Fat Acid Heat


2022 - Year in Review

What. A. Year. Long Overdue went through a "summer before high school" type of growth spurt where we left school 5'2'' and returned 6'5''. Such an incredible ride with our team and our authors, plus extremely talented editors, illustrators, and readers. Enjoy the highlight reel here.


Let's Keep Going - Big Goals for 2023