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Long Overdue - 2022 Year in Review

Wow! What an exciting year at Long Overdue.

I'm always on the long-winded side in my posts, so I'll try my best to fly through an entire year in 500 words or less. The photos will help.

We kicked off last year with the publication of Harry Trumfio's first children's book, Dad, Our Candy Man.

The behind-the-scenes story of how this book came together was incredible. An author in Arlington Heights, IL. An illustrator in Israel. The two had never met. We found Dena Ackerman (the illustrator) via LinkedIn of all places. The whole book came together over Zoom calls during the pandemic.

Then came the biggest event of our year. Days before the 43rd anniversary of American Airlines Flight 191 (more commonly known as the plane crash at O'Hare airport in 1979), we held the highly anticipated book launch of Safe Landing at First Draft. And then another party a few weeks later at Barrel.

What an incredible book that Kim, Melody, and Jim wrote together and an amazing way to honor their parents who tragically lost their lives on the flight.