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Long Overdue Newsletter - Spring 2022

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

We're mixing things up this month. Calling this our "Spring" newsletter...

... which is a creative way of saying, "We missed April..."

Also, we're focusing entirely on our new book, "Safe Landing: A Family's Journey Following the Crash of American Airlines Flight 191," written by Melody Smith, Kim Jockl, and Jim Borchers. This book tells their incredible journey over the last 40+ years grieving their parents' sudden loss, coming together as a family, and working hard to honor the lives of all 273 lost on Flight 191. It's an inspirational Chicago story about love, family, and how tragedy gets a big word, but it never gets the final word.

There's so much to get into here. So, let's start with updates on the release date and how you can order a copy.

Release Date - Official release date is May 25th, 2022. This marks the 43rd anniversary of American Airlines Flight 191.

Depending on when you're reading this sentence, you can either pre-order or order the book right here in our online bookstore. Or by clicking on the image of the bookstore page below.

Launch Parties / Events

We're hosting two initial launch parties (May 22nd and May 26th). Guest lists for these events included people who had pre-ordered copies prior to May 9th. The May 22nd event is at capacity BUT there's still time/space for the event on the 26th hosted by Barrel in Lakeview East, Chicago.

Reach out to the authors or email us at to RSVP.

We plan to hold more events this summer and fall at local bookstores, libraries, and coffee shops around the Chicagoland area. Stay tuned! We've created this page where you can keep up with the latest news about the book. Also includes relevant links and resources connected to Flight 191, like the Chicago Tribune virtual memorial site created by Kori Rumore Finley.

Can I Read a Sample Chapter?