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Long Overdue Newsletter: October 2021

Quote of the Month

"There is no Idea Dump, no Story Central, no Island of the Buried Bestsellers; good story ideas seem to come quite literally from nowhere, sailing at you right out of the empty sky: two previously unrelated ideas come together and make something new under the sun. Your job isn't to find these ideas but to

recognize them when they show up.”

- Stephen King


New Long Overdue Book Release!

Just in time for Halloween, we're excited to announce Book 1 of the Martin Blackbriar series written by Michigan author T.C. Pendragon! Here's a behind-the-scenes look at how our author took this story from initial idea to finished book.

There are two options for buying this book. The fastest option: Available on Amazon.

The little-bit-slower-but-more-personal option: You can buy a signed copy via Long Overdue Books.


Thoughts on Publishing