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Long Overdue Newsletter - October 2022

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Quote of the Month

"The only way to get rid of my fears

is to make films about them."

- Alfred Hitchcock


Sample - "The Book of Monsters: From A to Z"

We can't share the full Book of Monsters: From A to Z, but we'd like you to see a sample for free. At least from A to E. Alright. Enough rhyming. Let's take a look... at the book.

Note - This was a collaboration with Ice Cream Publishing. You can order the book right here.

And plenty more where those came from! Well, 21 more, to be exact.

Each illustration is incredibly creative, original, and different from the one before. With fun write-ups on every page, we think any monster/dinosaur/Halloween-loving kid in your family will love this book. Here's another link to the bookstore page.


All five installments from our Halloween "Group Write" are now available to read for free. Come check out The Headstone House and stay tuned for a full book available in 2023!


In Non-Halloween Related News...

Barring any technical difficulties/Amazon delays, we're releasing a Kindle (eBook) version of Safe Landing on Friday, October 28th. You know we love physical books, and that will always be our #1 preference, but we're excited to make this book available to all the Kindle readers out there.


NaNoWriMo for short. We're fans of this organization, and it's a great tradition every November. Here's more info on how to sign up. A blurb from their website.

Writing a novel alone can be difficult, even for seasoned writers. NaNoWriMo helps you track your progress, set milestones, connect with other writers in a vast community, and participate in events that are designed to make sure you finish your novel. Oh, and best of all, it’s free!

If you plan on participating, let us know. We'd love to hear about your project and cheer you on as you finish your first draft in 30 days.


What's Ahead

We have a jam-packed finale for 2022 (and January 2023). Here are some things to look forward to in upcoming newsletters:

November - Our Long Overdue catalog, just in time for Christmas shopping. Plus a webinar featuring Kim Jockl and Melody Smith from Safe Landing all about recording family stories.

December - The debut of "It's a Noteworthy Life." Keeping this close to the vest for now, but in short -- this will be a fun way to close out the year, celebrate our authors, and create some opportunities for people to gather together and record "Noteworthy" stories.

January - On October 6th, we hosted a webinar all about the editing stage. We'll have recordings from this webinar and a blog post recap for everyone who's looking to go from first draft to final draft in the new year. We'll also share some of our goals and overall vision for 2023.

Plus, we're busy at work on a couple of new books, including our very first cookbook created by Ahmet Ergun, a rising star chef here in Chicago. Can't wait for this one! We plan to have a couple of events (involving some great food) leading up to and after the launch of his book. Stay tuned!


"I'm not complaining about the baby.

But cuddles are harder to come by these days."

- Crash, Team Dog


Keeping up with Long Overdue

Best place to keep up with all things Long Overdue is a tie between our monthly newsletter and our Instagram page (shoutout to Annie Cerovich!). If you enjoy this newsletter and know someone who might enjoy it as well, let us know, we'll make sure to add them to our subscriber list. We also got back on Facebook recently, you can follow us here.

And check out our website - Long Overdue Books. Long Overdue Books is a community for creating books. It's a place for authors (and soon-to-be-authors), readers, editors, artists, and designers to come together and move their stories from ideas to finished books.

Next newsletter - Aiming for November 10th-ish range. In the meantime, if you have any questions, ideas, stories to tell, you can reach Cal the Librarian at -

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