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Learn your ABCs and improve your monster-ese with this remarkably illustrated collection of beautiful, bizarre, and downright hilarious monsters.


Tiberius Q. Edelgeezer (professor of Monstrology, etc, etc) cordially invites you to explore the thrilling, chilling, sometimes bewildering, but always exhilarating world of monsters. Assembled into one complete volume (unless there’s a sequel), this book will help you and your loved ones spot the many beasts, fiends, and ghouls that roam the earth – and quite a few that lurk beneath it. Each monster is not only richly illustrated but also poetically described by Professor Edelgeezer himself, so rest assured you’re in good hands.


After all, what better guide to the field of monsters than a monster himself?

The Book of Monsters from A to Z: A Field Guide by Professor Edelgeezer

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