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Long Overdue Newsletter: November 2021

Giraffe: I was promised a standing desk...


Quote of the Month

"When I talk to kids and they say, 'How do you become a writer?', well, I don't know that you become a writer: you just are. I always had stories, they were always there inside my head."

- Judy Blume


Recording Those Noteworthy Stories

We believe everyone has a book inside of them. But it's intimidating to go from a few stories, ideas, or memories to writing a 100-300+ page book.

So, for the last 3 years, we've been trying to figure out a good starting point for recording stories. Especially in the biography, autobiography, or memoir format.

Our first attempt was called "Long Overdue Stories." Then, like Puff Daddy changing his name to P Diddy, we switched it to "Family Stories." Made a big announcement.

But in both of these earlier attempts, the focus was too much on the end result. We talked about how you could:

  • Record your stories and turn them into a book

  • Or a podcast episode

  • Or what if you took the audio and made this amazing vinyl record