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Long Overdue Newsletter - March 2020

Stay Healthy

During a time like this, it is incredibly important to keep your entire self healthy. This includes body AND mind. We’ve seen a lot of posts around things to keep us busy, methods to unwind, and other creative challenges to keep us sane (relatively, anyway).

A great creative outlet for anyone and everyone, and our personal favorite of course is, you guessed it, writing. You could be a seasoned novelist, or have never written more than a text message in your life, and still enjoy and get a lot out of writing.

Whether it sounds daunting, overwhelming, or exciting (we hope it’s this one), we have some great suggestions:

  • Bullet Journaling: If you haven’t tried it, this could be your new obsession. It combines some creative doodling and combines it with every Type A persons’ biggest organizational dream. Kimberly has tried it, and found that her favorite parts were the habit tracker, mood tracker, birthday calendar and top books/and movies pages were the most fun to complete. Give it a whirl. Go to Pinterest to start (sorry not sorry for the hour of your life you just lost on Pinterest)

  • Poetry. You don’t have to be a regular Dr. Suess or Edgar Allen Poe to bust out something truly amazing. Pick a topic, write a short note about your feelings and BAM! A poem.

  • A short story. 3-5 pages. Make it fun. Make it a mystery. Make it a love story. Make it for your kids. Make it for your significant other. The options here are endless, and fun! If you like to draw, add in illustrations!

  • Timelines. Write down some family timelines. When was your first this, first that. You’ll thank yourself later when you cannot for the life of you remember if you moved into your first house before the Jonas Brothers broke up or after…

  • Interview Parents/Grandparents. This can be a great time to make a call and hold interviews of sorts recording your relatives' stories. Need help with question ideas? Send us a note at

  • Your favorites. Write down your favorite memories, foods, days, months, flowers, cities, this list is ENDLESS. This is a great one if you just want to focus on the positives. Want to make a game out of it? See if you can guess your family’s favorites. If not, hey, you learned something new today! :)

Have some other awesome writing ideas? Share them with us! We're happy to publish any of your posts as well, just send again to

Above all, we wish you, your family, your community safety and health over the coming weeks and months.


Quote of the month:

"Why did we all start loving this game? Why did we all start playing it? Did we do it because we wanted other people to watch us or did we do it because we actually loved it?'
-Bill Self , Head Coach of Kansas Jayhawks Men's Basketball

This was part of Bill Self's response when the NCAA originally announced the tournament would still happen just without fans in the arenas.

Obviously that all changed, but I still love this quote and think it applies to any passions you have. What's that thing you love to do, that you would still keep doing regardless of the number of fans in the crowd, money it makes, fame/accolades? Those are the things that are always worth doing.


Speaking of Basketball

We know college basketball fans are missing the NCAA Tournament right about now. So, to help fill the void, we've got two new basketball ebooks to share. One is an ongoing work in progress, the other is finished.

You ever look at the bracket, see one of the #16 seeds and think to yourself, "Wait, who!?"

"Road to a 16 Seed" is the fictional journey of the Midwestern Basketball Conference and who will win the coveted automatic bid to the NCAA Tournament.

Chapters available:

For Kansas Jayhawks fans and alumni

We know this March Madness cancellation is especially hard for you since KU finished the season #1 in the AP poll and had a good shot at winning the whole thing. Hey, no need to sulk. Instead, enjoy a trip down memory lane with the ebook: "14: A Look Back at the Historic Big 12 Streak."

You can read Part 1 here and Part 2 here. Also available for sale on Amazon, but we recommend accessing the versions on Long Overdue Books instead:

1) Because it's free

2) Nostalgic videos and photos.