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Chicago Pop-up Bookstore - First Draft on Sunday, Feb.26

We're mixing things up for this month's newsletter since we only have one BIG piece of news.

We're opening a bookstore!!

Well, alright, a "pop-up" bookstore. And it's only one day (Sunday, Feb. 26th, from Noon to 3 pm). But, on our journey to someday open a physical bookstore, this is one giant leap for mankind. Or one giant toe dipped in the water. I don't think I got that phrase right... Moving on!

Eight of our authors and illustrators will be in attendance and available to chat with, sign a book, or answer any questions you might have about their writing journey or help with questions you might have about your own book-in-progress.

Midwest is best! Quick straw poll of the eight Long Overdue authors/illustrators:

3 Minneapolis/St. Paul area

2 Chicago

2 Arlington Heights (IL)

1 Michigan

Update - Unfortunately, Harry Trumfio won't be there in person,