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Author Spotlight: LaLa Leo

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Why I love to write

The one thing I love about writing is how free it makes me feel! Whatever medium you use will always be a great listener and you can tell it any and everything. It has always been a comfort to me as my original purpose for writing wasn’t to share with others. I’ve always written for myself first and more than likely, I always will.

When I started to write

I have been writing my entire life. I started at an early age about around 11 or 12, journaling at first and then beginning my own short stories and writing poetry. That continued throughout my adolescence and early adulthood. I didn’t begin to take my writing seriously until I was about 31-years-old and that’s when I decided to start my professional writing career. About a year later, my debut publish was a short story as part of an anthology that became my prequel to a new spinoff series to expand the Atlantic Island Universe built by Fredric Shernoff. A few months later, I released book 1 of the new Destiny trilogy, entitled Genesis. Revelation (Book 2) releases in October 2020!

What books are in the works?

I just finished writing Revelation a few short weeks ago and I’m in the stages of editing and rewriting. It shouldn’t take much longer. Last year was my first time participating in NaNoWriMo and that’s when I wrote much of Genesis and split time between 2 other projects I was working on at that time. This year, I will use this mass writing event to my advantage to begin writing Book 3 of the Destiny trilogy! I am also working on a secret project I can’t divulge or reveal the information to just yet. Please stay tuned! 😁

You can follow LaLa Leo and checkout her ongoing work right here via her author page on Long Overdue Books.

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