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Location: Virginia

About the Author

LaLa Leo is a 33-year-old mother of 3 residing in southern Virginia with her young family. She has written 3 novels to date.


Her prequel, Manifest Destiny, can be found in Fredric Shernoff’s Atlantic Island Universe. Book 1 of her new trilogy (Destiny) entitled Genesis released on Memorial Day 2020. Book 2 Revelation releases in October 2020. She is also working on an epic urban fantasy fiction trilogy called OsDio.


For more updates, please subscribe to her public author page on Facebook or visit her Website!

Books by LaLa Leo

Book Cover_Atlantic Island.jpg

Enter the Atlantic Island Universe, an anthology of stories introducing new elements of the worlds protected by the MMEA! 

Included is "Manifest Destiny" by LaLa Leo. The story: A secret research base below Atlantic Island holds survivors of the Event. Trapped for months in their watery prison, the residents of the Ophiuchus must decide if the greatest threat is to leave or stay.

Captured by Supreme Leader Tiberius, the residents of the Ophiuchus struggle to survive in this tale that takes place during the events of Atlantic Island! 

Having narrowly survived his trip to the surface, Brayton searches the island for his missing friends. Meanwhile, Tiberius seeks to uncover the truth about the new arrivals, revealing a shocking link between the Ophiuchus prisoners and the island's dark leadership.

Book Cover_Genesis.jpg

This thriller novella is a captivating fictional depiction of the Dyatlov Pass Incident of 1959 that ended the lives of Russian engineering students mysteriously that is still unsolved to this day. Please note that I respect the families of the victims of this terrible circumstance and researched each person(s) thoroughly. Please take the time to research this. It is actually very interesting!


Part I-IV Available NOW! Part V coming soon.

Book Cover_Don't Go There.jpg
Book Cover_Survivors Remorse.jpg

Survivor's Remorse is a personal collection of poetry, songs, lyrics, prose, and more that ranges from the early 2000s until now. It is an ongoing book and I add more each day. Thank you to anyone who reads this book and takes a brief glance into my life through the rose-colored looking glass of neverending words and phrases. I hope that you all enjoy it and find it relative at certain points as well as uplifting during the lowest points of your life. No one is ever truly alone in their struggle. You do not have to feel guilty nor do you have to only survive. You have to live!

Book Cover_Revel.jpg

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