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Casablanca meets Saved by the Bell -- with a dash of The Screwtape Letters.

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Brad and Mark Godfrey are next in line to inherit the family business. Which is great, except that the family business is in the toilet... literally and figuratively. To be more specific, Brad and Mark are the great-grandsons of the guy who invented the urinal cake, aka the pink hockey puck deodorizer found in men's public bathrooms.

As the 2008 recession approaches, the Godfrey Toilet Bowl Company finds itself in a very rough place. Like a sell-the-company-for-parts type of place. But, inspired by the success of young entrepreneurs, the 18-year-olds Brad and Mark Godfrey have a master plan to revive the family business. Their big idea? A smart toilet that allows people to track their health from toilet to phone.

The novel is told by Tim Bartleby, Brad and Mark's childhood best friend, and biggest supporter. Tim's along for the ride, but is wrestling with a major dilemma of his own: he's in love with Brad's ex-girlfriend, Emma Lawrence.

Toilet Bowl is a coming-of-age story about friendship and overcoming self-doubt. Readers follow Tim's battle to remain good friends with Brad while still moving forward with Emma. But as Brad becomes more and more successful, Tim's biggest worry hits its crescendo: if Emma loved Brad before, how can he be sure she won't love him again?


Undergoing Book Renovation. Updating the book cover and interior layout.

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