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Long Overdue Newsletter - December 2019

Wait, so what is Long Overdue?

We prefer to talk about your stories, but since this is our first official newsletter, we'll take a second to share who we are and how things evolved in 2019.

The short version: Long Overdue empowers people to record meaningful stories. Right now, our focus is primarily on turning these stories into books, whether that's a memoir, biography, novel, book of poetry, or pretty much any other genre.

For more info, check out these articles below:


Our "Stories" Project

Let's say you want to write a book or you're looking to record your parents/grandparents' stories. Where do you even begin? It seems like this massive project to tackle.

Sitting down with a blank computer screen is intimidating. And if you're interviewing a parent or grandparent, you want to be part of that experience, not hunched over the laptop, rapidly typing notes.

To help out, we have a list of story prompts that you can access to get the story ideas rolling. From there, just turn on your phone's voice recorder and start having a conversation. When you're finished, send the audio to us and we'll transcribe it into a Word Doc or Google Doc. This way the challenge goes from a daunting, "How do I write this big 100-200+ page book," to the simple, "When do I tell my next story?"

Coming Soon - We're turning our story prompts into a physical deck of cards. Should be ready by March of 2020.


"Atlas" by Michele Popadich

Questions like: "What was a defining moment in your life?" or "Tell me about your childhood." are so big, it can be hard to know where to start writing a story.

Instead, try starting with something smaller. Here's a great example from local Chicago author Michele Popadich. Michele started with something simple - the atlas her family had in her dad's minivan - and from there the story branches out with memories about growing up, time with family, travel, college, and job decisions. She compares those old trips with the wandering atlas vs. today with the cold precision of a GPS.


Last-minute Christmas gifts

Need a last-minute gift for Christmas? Check out our list of storytelling gift ideas over on LinkedIn.

Shoutout to Chicago options on the list like the birthday book from the Chicago Tribune, celebrity shoutouts from Cameo, or an adventurous vacation from Lost Travel Company.


We joined the Lakeview East Chamber of Commerce

We officially joined the Lakeview East Chamber of Commerce in November and will have upcoming writer events at Lakeview locations like BottlesUp! and Third Space.

Long Overdue is run by five people who love Chicago. Chris and Ashley live in Lakeview East. Keith lives in Wheaton. Omar grew up in Humboldt Park and recently moved out to the Oakland/San Francisco area. Kimberly lived in Chicago for years before moving to Raleigh. While a lot of our events will happen in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs, stay tuned for meetups in Omar and Kimberly's neck of the woods + maybe a few summer events in the sweet sweet writer's paradise of Traverse City, Michigan.


Facebook is still a thing, right?

No Twitter. No Instagram. No TikTok.

We're keeping it simple with our social media approach. Just a Facebook page, a monthly newsle