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From First Draft to Published Book: A Conversation with Adam Hersh, Author of "Before You Sign"

We are thrilled to officially welcome Adam Hersh into the ever-growing community of Long Overdue authors. Before we dive any further into our interview, Adam's book is available here in the Long Overdue bookstore for $17.99. The book will also be up on Amazon and a Kindle version in the coming weeks.

Adam Hersh is an attorney in Tampa, Florida, and the Owner/President of Blue Chip Law. He's a proud alum of the University of Florida and, as you'll see, in his office, on his lanyard, and the book cover design, Adam loves the Florida Gators. He's an avid sports fan, traveling around the country (and the world) for baseball and football games, including stops at all 30 Major League Baseball stadiums. We hope to see a Cubs game with him and Sarah later this summer!

So, first off, what's the book about?

Who's the ideal audience for this book?

What makes this a "Long Overdue" book?

Over the last five years, we've published children's books, novels, memoirs, and a book of comedic essays. We've got a cookbook coming out soon. Heck, our last book was an animated retelling of Pickleball's origin story. Authors range in age from young 20s to mid-80s. So, what could possibly tie all of these different genres, all of these different authors together?

Here's how we think about the three different categories of "Long Overdue" and where Adam's story fits in.

Tell us about your writing process

Early birds. Night owls. Authors with a methodical process where they write the same time every day, same number of words. Or authors who write whenever inspiration hits (or whenever there's a spare 30-45 minutes leftover in a day). Every author has a different process and we love hearing about the different approaches authors take on the book-writing journey.

And how do you go from "Work Mode" to "Writing Mode?"

What encouragement would you give to writers who are early in the journey (idea stage, first draft, outline)

How about advice for those later stages? (editing, book design, finding a publisher)

Let's talk about the editing stage

In terms, of editors, Adam worked with Logan Tomaszewski from the Long Overdue team as well as his girlfriend, Sarah Penter. Both did exceptional jobs. Adam shared some great insights on the editing process and he's another example of how the editing stage is not intimidating at all. It's a partnership with all parties working together to bring the best version of the book across the finish line.

What's next? Any other book ideas in the works?

An exciting trend we've seen from our authors is the development of multiple books. In Adam's case, he has created a label/publishing house called Blue Chip Books and plans to do a series of pocket guides explaining legal contracts in a straightforward, accessible way.

Alright. Sticking with the sports theme. Time for the trophy celebration. Hold up that first edition copy!

Congratulations to Adam! Special thank you to Logan and Sarah for their editing work. And another wonderful book design from Heather Nelson. We had a great time working on this book and it marked a new chapter for us; our first business/law book on the Long Overdue bookshelf.

As a reminder, Adam's book is available here in the Long Overdue bookstore for $17.99. The book will also be up on Amazon and a Kindle version in the coming weeks. To stay in the loop on upcoming events or new projects from Adam, email us at

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