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Author Spotlight: D. L. Karabin

Why I love to write:

I love to write because I love to tell stories. It's taking the child's phrase 'let's pretend' and turning it into a storyline with characters that move things forward. I like fast-paced, bone chillers myself so I write them that way.

When I started to write:

When I first started to write goes way, way back to my childhood. As a Beatles fan in the 60s when my best friend and I wrote a script called "Drum Beat" for the Fab Four. No luck on that one! Decades later my literary muse came calling when I visited Lake Como, Italy.

What books are in the works:

I'm just beginning a historical fiction called Match Queen, a WWII thriller, based on some family folklore with a dramatic twist or two and lots of poetic license. After that, another thriller for The Archangelo Archives in 2021.

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