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The Healthcare Renaissance: Chicago
By: Group Write

Healthcare can be an incredibly confusing topic.


And when it's looked at from a national scale, the problems feel almost insurmountable. When articles are throwing around trillion-dollar figures, it's hard to know where to begin. Or find what's already working.  

This book-in-progress takes on big national issues like: the opioid crisis, medical debt, surprise bills, cost of care, finding great care without breaking the bank, prescription drugs, mental health, managing chronic conditions, and puts them all on a local scale. It's an optimistic look at all of the great work already in motion. 

These are the local stories of physicians, nurses, non-profits, churches, tech companies, employee benefit advisors, and more who are sparking a Healthcare Renaissance right here in Chicago. 

Opioid Crisis Chapters: Coming Soon
Medical Debt - June '20
Primary Care - Nov. '20

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