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The Claustrophobic Caterpillar
By: Writer TBD. Possibly... you?

"Please, Take These Ideas" works like Chicago improv. We'll throw out an idea for a book/TV show/movie and from there whoever wants to take the idea, write it - hey, first come, first serve.

Here's the premise for "The Claustrophobic Caterpillar." In a society of caterpillars, every caterpillar dreams about their future life. They are always looking forward to the day when they'll become a butterfly.

But for one caterpillar, the whole process scares him to death. Why? He's claustrophobic. Afraid of tight spaces. And being in a chrysalis for 2-3 weeks is about as claustrophobic as it gets. 

In a role that feels built for Woody Allen (hey, he's done an animated insect movie before) the author shows how sometimes to reach a dream we have to go through our biggest fears.

If you start writing this book/script, we'd love to hear about it. Email us at -

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