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-A Legacy to Uphold-

Martin Blackbriar and the Necronomicon is the story of our generation’s Witch and Wizard, Martin and Ali Blackbriar. They will wield all the powers that magic can offer, provided they can survive against the forces that wish to use them, or end them before their journey even begins.

-A Lot to Learn-

Magic has been hiding in the public eye for thousands of years. As parlor tricks, as superstition, and urban legends. But true magic is nothing like it is in fairy tales. It’s an art form that balances ancient teachings with constant danger. If they are going to survive, Martin and Ali will have to learn magic faster than any Witch and Wizard before them.

-A Killer to Apprehend-

The Blackbriar siblings are not alone in their struggles for greater power. As they learn of their destiny and begin their training, a legendary artifact falls in the wrong hands: the Necronomicon. It gives its wielder the power to kill anybody. If they’re not careful, there’s no telling what horrors await them.

Martin Blackbriar and the Necronomicon

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