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Sometimes a New Idea is the Hardest Part

We focus a lot on our site about what to do after you have an idea. Going from idea to rough draft. Rough draft to final copy.


But what if you're stuck at the idea stage and have a full wastebasket of crumpled up concepts?

This is where our new ebook comes in. Every idea in here is totally free for the taking. Here's a look at a few sample ideas below. 

The Grandparent Games

Two characters get married. Both grew up as the only child in their families. Everyone's happy their first year of marriage. There's no real conflicts for splitting time with family. Rotate Thanksgiving and Christmas. Easter. Everything's fine.


​But then they have their first child... And now it's an intense competition. Both of their parents are now competing for who will be known as "the fun grandparents." Who secures Christmas Day? Thanksgiving? 4th of July? Who will win the Grandparent Games.

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The story of the Apostle Peter from the New Testament has always been fascinating, specifically because of his 3x denial of Jesus on the night before the crucifixion. 

​It seems like it ends on a positive note, Jesus comes back, forgives him, and Peter goes on to build the church. 


But I wonder if he ever doubted his forgiveness. Did he still feel guilty? And did he feel like the only way to overcome the past denials was to put himself back in that position again and stand up for his faith?


Stand Up


What does a day in the life of an ex-president look like? Does it feel relaxing or kind of boring? Do they miss being in front of crowds?


​In this book, an ex-president decides if he or she wants to get out to the comedy clubs and try their hand at stand up comedy. Their goal: Put together an hour-long set and perform to a packed house at Madison Square Garden. ​


It is up to you if the ex-president is funny or not. Both choices could be interesting to work with.

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Live Action

Mario Kart Movie


LEGO Movies.​

Angry Birds 1 & 2. ​


We are long overdue for a Mario Kart movie. ​And we think it needs to be live action. ​Starring: Bill Murray. Jennifer Lawrence. Al Pacino.​


Or do you turn this over to the Adam Sandler crew? ​Or make it Judd Apatow and Seth Rogen?​


There are a lot of different options. But first: It needs a script. Do we have any Mario Kart fans out there ready to make it happen?

Tour de


The main character is stuck in a dead-end job. He's not miserable, per se, but he's definitely bored. Every day feels like the same routine. Go to work. Stare at the computer. Come home. ​


Then he decides to start cycling for 10, 20, 30 miles each morning before work.


He gets hooked. Buys a more expensive bike. Goes all in on the helmet, spandex, bike shirt. All leading up to a new goal for his 40th birthday: He's going to enter the Tour de France. 


​How will his wife and kids handle their dad's new pursuit? 

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So What is Long Overdue?

Long Overdue empowers people to create meaningful stories. 


Our belief: Everyone who wants to write a book should be able to do it. We seek to remove barriers and create a welcoming community that helps people go from big idea to finished book.

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