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It's a Big Dill

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By: Vicki Toups Sheaffer

Artwork by: Chanda Cook

Relish this playful jaunt through the history of Pickleball and the evolution of the game into today's latest and greatest court sport! Just be careful when reading this at a tennis court...

America's Fastest
Growing Sport

Pickleball, a sport blending tennis, badminton, and table tennis, has seen explosive growth with over 7,000 courts in the US. Its appeal spans generations, making it popular among both young and older players. Equipment sales, including paddles and balls, have surged alongside the sport's rise. While it's most prevalent in the US, pickleball communities have sprung up globally. 

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Move over tennis, ping-pong, and badminton

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About the Author

Vicki’s first book was published by Long Overdue during Covid and was written as a love letter to her first grandchild. During the same time period, Pickleball became her Go-To sport as tennis facilities began to close down.  


Vicki's personal love of writing and journaling began at an early age, encouraged by her grandmothers. She has used her business degree and entrepreneurial spirit to undertake a number of projects. Vicki wrote material and did performance work as a member of a morning radio show trio, writes online articles and blog posts, and created a marketing presence for newborn hospital ID bands. She is now focused on her love of poetry and story-telling. 


Vicki had so much fun raising three boys and now is blessed to relish time with her two grandsons.


About the Artist

Meet Chanda Cook, a down-to-earth illustrator with a graphic design degree, who's gracefully worn the hats of a dedicated mom and the creative mind behind So Darn Creative, her freelance art gig, for over 21 years.


From crafting unique handmade pieces to diving into her second illustrated book, "It’s A Big Dill," Chanda's creativity knows no bounds. When she's not in art mode, you might catch her on the tennis court, a long-standing passion she's now complemented with a love for Pickleball, even working as a Pickleball attendant at her local Lifetime. Chanda's life orbits around her kids, making art, enjoying sports, and relishing the simple joys.

Other Books by Vicki

Both of Vicki's children's board books are available for sale in the Long Overdue bookstore.

Oh Mother How Funny was the first one, dedicated to Vicki's first grandson, Jack.

Oh Baby It's a Clear Lake was the sequel, dedicated to Kristie's first granddaughter, Olivia

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