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Laura Billingham

Location: United Kingdom

About the Author

Born and raised in steel city of Sheffield in the North of the UK, Laura now lives in the wilds of the Peak District - a place of relative tranquility away from city life.


With a passion for the written word and a deep abiding love of reading, it took many years for Laura to realise that writing is what she was born to do. Although an avid story teller in her teens, work and then family life (two daughters, now grown) pulled her away from her dream of writing a novel. It wasn’t until her move to the country in 2015 and taking a voluntary redundancy from a busy job that she rekindled her love of writing.


With one published novel under her belt, Laura is working on several different ideas for the second and subsequent books.

Books by Laura Billingham


So what does a writer do when they're sheltered at home for months on end? Laura gave herself a quarantine challenge: Write 31 stories in 31 days. Her eventual goal is to turn these into a book. But you don't have to wait until then, you can read the "Life in Lockdown" stories now right here on Long Overdue Books.

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After a turbulent few years, Grace pays a visit to her one remaining blood relative, her elderly uncle. Whilst there she discovers an ancient wooden chest and is catapulted 800 years back in time to Medieval France. She finds love but the danger of war looms.


Can she return to her own time and what is the link between herself, her alter ego in the past and the handsome man she is compelled to marry?

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