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James Warda

Location: Chicagoland

About the Author

James Warda is a keynote speaker, conference presenter, workshop facilitator and author of Where Are We Going So Fast? He also blogs for the Chicago Tribune Media Group and has written for the Chicago Tribune, Pioneer Press, and Chicken Soup for the Soul Enterprises. In addition, James is an adjunct professor for the School of Communications at Loyola University Chicago where he also sits on their Communication Advisory Board. And, oh, yes, he’s the lead singer and rhythm guitarist for a funk/rock/blues band called “The Groove.” Learn more at

When did you start writing?

What do you love about writing?

Any books currently in the works?

Books by James Warda

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With a foreword by Chicken Soup for the Soul co-founder Jack Canfield, this published book by James is an insightful and though-provoking collection of observations of the kinds of everyday moments we all experience, from falling in love, to having children, to dealing with the death of a parent. In encouraging readers to become more aware of their lives as they’re living them, it also focuses on the enduring themes underlying all these moments, like truth, compassion and courage. The Chicago Tribune offered this on the book:  “Do you feel like you’re sprinting through life? If so, perhaps James Warda's book, 'Where Are We Going So Fast?', can help you step off the track for a while.”

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In this book under development, James walks readers through 20 everyday business situations to demonstrate how leaders can be more aware of the unintentional messages they may be sending through everything they do, say, and are. He then demonstrates how they can sincerely and directly manage more of these messages to build trust and get better results. And, with COVID-19, the book is more important than ever.

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In this book under development, James draws on his experience as a past job seeker and also brings in the voices of others, including career and life coaches, recruiters and change management professionals.The book focuses on the spiritual and emotional side of a job search while also providing "how-to" recommendations for everything from regrouping before diving into the search, to creating a personal marketing campaign, to “buddying up” for success.

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