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D.L. Karabin

Location: Lakeview East | Chicago

About the Author

D.L. Karabin, a lifelong Chicagoan, has spent her career wordsmithing. In the corporate world she was a brand specialist for Discover Card, a marketer for several leading national retailers and shopping malls and most recently a fashion commentator for her own vintage hat business.

Her many trips to France and Italy have inspired a series of international, action dramas called The Archangelo Archives. Her protagonist, Micheal Archangelo is a down-to-earth guy, a lead agent at INTERPOL. A man of today, not a cad and womanizer like the Bond-era guys. He's tech savvy, a former seminary student and a father to a 5-year old. He's got emotional baggage like we all do and is not afraid to care about people.

D. L. Karabin has hit her stride in this fast-paced thriller genre. She calls her books Skinny Stories. They're quick reads designed for a plane ride or daily commute--easy escapes from the home-baked ordinary to spicy, foreign intrigue! 

You can also keep up with D.L. Karabin on Facebook, at "Thriller, She Wrote" -

Books by D. L. Karabin

Match Queen Cover.jpg

Match Queen

Immigrant strangers Kristina and George meet my chance in their new city--Chicago. It's 1913.

Decades later they become embroiled in WWII espionage and a string of serial murders.


Kristina's unexpected inheritance of a Czech matchstick factory ignites suspense and horror as a mass grave

is unearthed by Nazi Panzer tanks.


War and crime keep things hot. Very hot.

Member of the Writers of Lakeview Group

This is a group for authors who live in the Lakeview, Chicago area. If you'd like to join, please email us at

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