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Location: Lakeview East | Chicago

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D.L. Karabin, a lifelong Chicagoan, has spent her career wordsmithing. In the corporate world she was a brand specialist for Discover Card, a marketer for several leading national retailers and shopping malls and most recently a fashion commentator for her own vintage hat business.

Her many trips to France and Italy have inspired a series of international, action dramas called The Archangelo Archives. Her protagonist, Micheal Archangelo is a down-to-earth guy, a lead agent at INTERPOL. A man of today, not a cad and womanizer like the Bond-era guys. He's tech savvy, a former seminary student and a father to a 5-year old. He's got emotional baggage like we all do and is not afraid to care about people.

D. L. Karabin has hit her stride in this fast-paced thriller genre. She calls her books Skinny Stories. They're quick reads designed for a plane ride or daily commute--easy escapes from the home-baked ordinary to spicy, foreign intrigue! 

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Books by D. L. Karabin


The Olympics of Murder is about to get underway under a cloud of dark, technological secrecy in, of all places, The City of Light, Paris. The final heat is about to take place between two finalists. It's face-paced, do-or-die til the bitter end. A classic good v. evil set in contemporary times. Let The Games begin!


“Huntdown” is the sequel to "Assassin Games" and the first in a series called The Archangelo Archives. Despite the emotional toll, Micheal takes up the charge following the trail of Brutus to Rio and then, appropriately, to Rome, the site of a legendary assassination— Caesar’s


The love of his life Caroline kidnapped and left for dead, Micheal Archangelo is relentless in his search for the demented assassin Brutus, a legendary figurehead in the INTERPOL most-wanted list. A cat and mouse game that continues all the way to Phillippo, Greece before a partial end to the terror is realized. A tense, riveting thriller with all the bells and whistles of the digital age and an ancient world twist.


The storyline has Micheal Archangelo' nemesis Jamila resurfaces in Switzerland, just over the border from Italy, and she is on a mission of revenge that will include a terrorist attack, the theft of an endangered species from the Rome Zoo and a stunning conclusion at The Coliseum. It's a wild ride in the tech world of today set against the backdrop of ancient Rome.

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