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Chris O'Brien

Location: Chicago

About the Author

I'm an author and also the Co-Founder of Long Overdue Books.

My very first book, right after I graduated from Hope College, was called "Medium Rare." This led to my ongoing blog of the same name published Tuesday mornings on ChicagoNow

Through my own experiences navigating the confusing worlds of traditional and self-publishing, I decided to create what I hope will serve as a social network for creating books, one that always puts authors first.

When did you start writing?

What do you love about writing?

Any books currently in the works?

Books by Chris O'Brien

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A comedic book of essays celebrating the different seasons of life. Included in this book are a variety of interlinked stories and cartoons, like: “I’ll Always Cheer for Wile E. Coyote,” “How Does the Midwest Sell us on Winter?” and “Big Decisions are Overrated.” This book is a comedy with a side dish of philosophy. It’s about embracing the different experiences as we travel from Here to There.

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I spent nine years on my first novel. I sent the manuscript to various literary agents. No luck. Then I self-published via Amazon KDP, but it didn't become a bestseller. Far from it. Took it off Amazon, considered printing copies through a local printer, but ended up right back at Amazon KDP. This book follows that journey and offers a fresh perspective on publishing a book.

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I'm an idea guy. Almost every week when I'm walking our dog or taking a shower, I'll have a new idea hit me for "the next great startup company." I stop, jot the idea down, and then hoard it like Gollum from Lord of the Rings. This book puts the ideas up for grabs. Available to everyone. The belief: Pair an average idea with a scrappy entrepreneur, great things could happen.

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A novel about overcoming worry, facing fears, and saving a family business that is both figuratively and literally in the toilet. The Godfreys run a struggling bathroom supply company. The 18-year-olds Brad and Mark Godfrey are trying to turn things around. Their best friend, Tim Bartleby, is along for the ride but is falling in love with Brad's ex-girlfriend, Emma Lawrence.

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This is the sequel to Meet the Godfreys. The book picks up right where Book 1 left off with the guys about to go on their "Tour de Bathroom," a marketing contest/road trip to find the Best Bathroom in America. The guys hope this contest will help promote their latest bathroom tech invention: "The Smart Toilet." But can Brad and Tim remain friends as Tim and Emma keep growing closer together?

Artboard 9.png

Toilet Bowl contains both Meet the Godfreys and Tour de Bathroom. If you don't mind carrying around a 500-page book and don't feel weird about the title "Toilet Bowl" this is the best option as I always meant it to be one book. And, despite the name, there's surprisingly not much potty humor. It's arguably the most philosophical book ever written... of the books that include "toilet" in the title.


Member of the Close to Hope Writing Group

The Close to Hope Writing Group is a mix of current Hope College students and alumni. 

Everyone in this group has a love for Holland, Michigan, Lemonjello's, and New Holland Brewery.


The goal of this group is to encourage Hope College students and graduates to keep writing, keep sharing stories, all while showcasing the incredible English and Creative Writing programs at Hope College.

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