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Captain Ron 2
Written By: Die-hard Fans of Captain Ron

Netflix brought Full House back in the form of Fuller House. They revived the Wet Hot American Summer characters. Arrested Development. Gilmore Girls. There's a healthy list of sequels and reboots. And we thank them for doing it. 

So, what should Netflix tackle next? 

Simple. Let's make a sequel to the greatest movie of all-time: Captain Ron 2. 

And it seems secretly possible. Kurt Russell played Santa in Netflix's 2018 film The Christmas Chronicles. Martin Short and Steve Martin did a comedy special together. And go to any harbor, marina in America, Captain Ron has a cult following amongst sailors. 

Step 1: Write the script. Step 2: Call Netflix.

Ideas for the Plot
List of Favorite Quotes
Nautical Rope
Coastal Navigation Sailing Course

Want to help write this movie? 

Do you have experience in the movie industry and can help

"show us the ropes?" 

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