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Author Boxes

Self-publishing can be expensive and it's hard for authors to determine what their budget should be without knowing how many sales they'll have.

The "author box" is similar to a Kickstarter project. The author lets people know about their upcoming book. Long Overdue helps the author create a pre-order form. Then, when the book is finished, we deliver the book along with a write-up from the author on their process and the story itself in a box to those who pre-ordered. This creates a meaningful, closer connection between authors and their earliest fans. 

With Amazon's print-on-demand setup, authors can buy two copies or 200 for their Author Boxes depending on how many pre-orders came through. Gone are the days when authors had to order hundreds of their own books at a time and store them in the basement. Our view: Start with pre-orders. Build your budget. Build your book.

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