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By: Writer TBD. Possibly... you?

"Please, Take These Ideas" works like Chicago improv. We'll throw out an idea for a book/TV show/movie and from there whoever wants to take the idea, write it - hey, first come, first serve.

Here's the premise for "Seagulls." If you were to rank the funniest birds on the planet, I think you'd have to go with a Top 3 of turkeys, seagulls, and maybe the hummingbird. But when it comes to animated movies, none of these three have been given a starring role. Instead, Hollywood went all in on penguin movies.


Which is a shame, because when given a small role in Finding Nemo, the seagulls totally shined. I think it's time for a full-length film. 

Could you be the one to write the ultimate seagulls animated comedy? Send it to Pixar?



If you start writing this book/script, we'd love to hear about it. Email us at -