Rome Redux | Preface

The world cheered the demise of a defiant, global menace—the infamous assassin Max Gruen, AKA Brutus. The killer died on the same Greek soil where the legendary Roman assassin Brutus had died.      

History repeated itself, sort of.

One fall day in 43 B.C. the original Brutus gave his last order. He commanded two legions to hold his own sword as he ran into it. He did this as Octavius’ troops were closing in and defeat became inevitable. The modern-day Brutus, finding himself in similar straits, ordered an operator to “out” him with a drone retrofitted with a set of daggers.

Both assassins had no hesitation in taking others’ lives. But, when it came to their own suicides, preferred, shall we say, a little help from their friends.

Soon after the killer’s death, tabloids blared: 


Social media and streaming services buzzed like crazy with posts of college kids throwing toga parties. Even old-school, network programming like 60 Minutes® dug deep to cast light on the 83-year-old Brutus and his offbeat, Millennial grandniece Jacqueline Carlos-Chambourg— Jacs for short. She was the one who peaked more prurient interest in addition to being a dead assassin, she was also an albino and lesbian.

People everywhere were intrigued by the news out of Greece. The average Joe became fixated on the Brutus story. It was juicy content. Why shouldn’t’ they be! There was no risk in reading about him. Brutus couldn’t take revenge. He was a dead bad guy now—at best, a shadowy ghost destined to be forgotten. Amen.

But there were two people not so lucky:  Two incessant warriors whose own lives would be impacted—albeit, destroyed—by what Brutus left in his wake.

One such person was Micheal Archangelo, relentless INTERPOL® team leader, who witnessed the bizarre death of Brutus as he bled out under the fiery, setting sun in Philippo, Greece.

The other, Somali refugee Jamila Omar, lover of Jacs and sole beneficiary of billions of ill-gotten gains by the Gruen assassin crime family.

Micheal and Jamila represented the classic struggle of Good versus Evil, old as the world itself, but with one, very big difference—their cagey cat and mouse game was set on a treacherous, tech-savvy battleground with all of the world hanging in the balance…

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