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Long Overdue Newsletter - July 2021

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Artwork by Dena Ackerman, illustrator for Harry Trumfio's upcoming children's book.


Quote of the Month

"You set a high level for yourself, that's why you're down.

That's great. Now go reach that level."

- Monty Williams, Head Coach of the Phoenix Suns


Putting in the Work Behind the Scenes

During an author's journey, there are plenty of moments to feel discouraged. Moments like:

  • I've got this idea and everything seems so clear in my head... until I sit down at the computer and stare at a blank page.

  • I described what my book's about and the person across from me scrunched their eyebrows together and said, "Oh, um, sounds... interesting?"

  • Finished the rough draft, thought it was good, but my friend said it needs a ton of work

  • Sent my manuscript in for editing, got it back covered in red ink

Just like the Monty Williams' clip above, we think authors get down on themselves because they set a high level for their work. If they didn't, they'd just publish their rough draft and call it a day. They wouldn't go through all the extra work to make it the best version of their story.

This month, we're showcasing four of our authors who are putting in hard work behind the scenes. These authors spent a lot of time on their first drafts, they're humbly accepting notes and feedback in the revision process, and they've set a high bar for their artwork and final book design.

The result? Four professional, meaningful books that we can't wait to publish later this year/early 2022.

Harry Trumfio's Children's Book: Dad, Our Own Candy Man