Final Heat | Chapter 1

By: D. L. Karabin

Rome, Italy

INTERPOL agent Micheal Archangelo feared he was getting too comfortable with his new family life. Just over a month ago, he had learned he had a young son Sam and, by default, a rather naughty pup named Cesar.

Micheal knew his new persona—pater familias—was too good to be true. And truthfully, behind all the new hugs and warmth of a happy household, the heart-retching loss of Caroline, Sam’s mother, continued to eat away at him.

Caroline, ever-young, friendly, so American, was an innocent victim of the evil, elder assassin—Micheal’s nemesis— known to global law enforcement as Brutus.

Brutus was the moniker for the eighty-something professional killer that had embroiled Micheal, his son, Caroline and yes, even all of Paris, in a dense, deadly cloud of terror.

Michael’s recent work at INTERPOL—Mission: to dismember a group of killers known as The Triumvirate, now down two since Micheal was on the case— had somehow, incredulously, intersected with his personal life six years earlier.

It had all started when he met Caroline by chance on the Boulevard St. Germain.

Today their meeting place, a famous café, lay in ruins. It had been turned into a pile of rubble by a demented offspring of Brutus— his niece Jacqueline, now dead herself. She was part of the sinister competition that pitted killer against killer in a twisted game aptly called the Assassin Games.

Micheal had gone undercover to beat them at their own game. As of today, he had lost. Brutus was still alive, thought to now be in Rome. And, the gender-challenged niece, who went by Jacs, though dead and buried, had left behind a very black ace—her young, lesbian lover Jamaal Omar.

Barely an adult, this 20-year-old had inherited millions from Jacs and was now poised to exact revenge on Micheal.  INTERPOL surmised Jamila had killed Caroline in Paris, trumping even Brutus in that deadly feat by getting to the target first.

Now, all three players—Jamila, Brutus and Micheal—were in Rome doing as the Romans once did.

 Eat, prey, love.

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