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A Book About Lakeview East 

"Stories from a Small Town in Chicago"

We're working on a book about

Lakeview East in Chicago.


But instead of just having one writer, we want this to be a compilation of stories from anyone in the community.


These can be your personal memories, history about Lakeview, your favorite spots, etc. We also plan to showcase fiction works that use Lakeview as their setting plus the works of local artists and photographers. 

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Meet the Authors


D. L.


D.L. Karabin, a lifelong Chicagoan, has spent her career wordsmithing. In the corporate world she was a brand specialist for Discover Card, a marketer for several leading national retailers and shopping malls and most recently a fashion commentator for her own vintage hat business.


David Jay


David Jay Collins currently lives in Chicago, where his novels "Gaybash" and Summerdale" take place. As an author, what's important to David is sharing hope and joy through his work, living openly and honestly, honoring family and friends, and welcoming new readers. 

Restaurants, Small Businesses, Wrigley Field, and More

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Dr. Andrew Knecht

Dr. Knecht of Knecht Chiropractic Clinic is committed to sharing his knowledge and experience on wellness with others in addition to helping patients find relief from acute or chronic pain. As a member of the Wellness Champions, he serves as a community outreach lecturer. He also belongs to the Illinois Chiropractic Society, Legacy Chiropractic Mentoring Group, and Northalsted Business Alliance.




Leyla Khanahmad is an Entrepreneur and the Founder/Co-Owner of the restaurant Black & Caspian in Lakeview East. Leyla has a fascinating story coming all the way from Azerbaijan to Chicago. The story of Black & Caspian is one of grit, and determination. Read how they navigated the challenges of having their grand opening two months before the outbreak of COVID-19.

Restaurants, Small Businesses, Wrigley Field and More

The biggest shared experience in Lakeview East, for both locals and people who've visited Chicago from all around the world, has to be Wrigley Field. It's our world-famous baseball cathedral and you can't beat watching a Cubs game here.


We'd like to collect stories and memories from anyone who has been to Wrigley - either for a Cubs game or a concert. Could be someone who went one time or a season ticket holder for the last 40 years. And there's no such thing as too many 2016 championship stories.


Especially after the summer of 2020, when we weren't able to gather together, let's make up for it with nostalgic memories. 

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So What is Long Overdue?

Long Overdue empowers people to create meaningful stories. 


Our belief: Everyone who wants to write a book should be able to do it. We seek to remove barriers and create a welcoming community that helps people go from big idea to finished book.

Follow the Book from Rough Draft to Final Copy

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