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To describe this publishing house in a sentence: Writings about NBA, college, and pickup basketball served Medium Rare. 

What does that mean? Eh, we're still figuring it out. 



14:A Look Back at the Kansas Jayhawks Historic Big 12 Streak 

“Huntdown” is the sequel to "Assassin Games" and the first in a series called The Archangelo Archives. Despite the emotional toll, Micheal takes up the charge following the trail of Brutus to Rio and then, appropriately, to Rome, the site of a legendary assassination— Caesar’s

The storyline has Micheal Archangelo' nemesis Jamila resurfaces in Switzerland, just over the border from Italy, and she is on a mission of revenge that will include a terrorist attack, the theft of an endangered species from the Rome Zoo and a stunning conclusion at The Coliseum. It's a wild ride in the tech world of today set against the backdrop of ancient Rome.

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